Inside The Mind Of Deanna Marie

Inside the Mind of Deanna Marie

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I cant breathe

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i’m not like other girls. actually, i’m nothing like other girls. and that girl u saw get on the bus earlier isn’t like other girls either. it’s surprising, really. it’s almost as if everybody is different from each other. holy shit

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Anonymous asked: If women are superior how come 99% of men would whoop 99% of women's asses in a fight


How come 99% of men think that ‘superior’ means ‘I could kill you’ and not ‘I could improve your life’ or ‘I could promote peace’? How come men are so violent? How come you perceive superiority to mean being the only one left alive?

Wanting to beat women actually makes you inferior. When we talk about humanity, men lack it. Therefore women are true humans, and men are deviations.

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when I was younger I used to watch Winnie the Pooh all the time and everytime I saw pooh eating honey I was always like “mmmm that looks good” so imagine my disappointment when I saw honey for the first time. Pooh is eating like nacho cheese lookin honey he had me excited for nothing

no, bro. Pooh is eating raw, unpasteurized honey. Like this:



Oh my God. I’ve literally thought this my entire life. 

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